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Strategy implementation skills – Out bound program


by doing

A highly differentiated out-bound program designed to build skills on how to improve execution at work. The program drives, in a very unique way, the underlying approach to optimally implement strategies and goals.  Camping and trekking is the medium we use for maximum impact and learning.

The program consists of a suite of interwoven experiential activities that enforces the need for its participants to build and exhibit capabilities for optimal implementation and execution.

The participants shall get sensitized on and become appreciative of,

> The importance of objective understanding of goals
> The need for collaboration and teamwork
> Being customer oriented
> Alignment and buy-ins
> What to consider for optimal execution
> Enabling performance rather than review performance

Additional benefits

The very configuration of the program shall require the participants to exhibit competencies like collaborative working, leadership, goal oriented thinking, problem solving on the go, decision making, conflict management, performance enablement, accountability among others.

Who is this useful for?

It will be useful for all folks who need to execute goals in an organisation; which perhaps is pretty much everyone!

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A program with the Highest Net Promoter Score at RedBus.

“The team was expecting an activity based learning program but it was larger than that. This program impels you into situations which are faced in critical deliverables at work. I would strongly recommend this program as one of the interventions to create a high performing team and also makes one self realize the importance of Accountability and “Proactiveness”. My team thoroughly enjoyed the experience and has help us build a collage of memories. Thank you Team Metis, we certainly will look forward to experiences like these.”

Assistant Manager – L&D, RedBus.