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For over a decade, Metis ERC has been actively involved in building customised on-line and off-line assessment tools for organisations. Introducing two very unique, well researched on-line assessment tools that can optimise strategy implementation & execution at your organisation.

Assessment for organisations

A unique tool designed to assess organisations operational performance. Our experienced team of practitioners have put together good practices library covering areas like operational processes, structure, culture, learning, clarity, alignment, leadership, etc… required for optimal execution. An assessment against these practices is an excellent way to take a step back and evaluate how the organization is operating.

How does the tool help?

Ask yourself this question: Which is more difficult? Arriving at a strategy or executing that strategy? Well, at least for most, it’s “Execution!” As you may agree, the benefits of getting better at execution are multi-fold. It impacts organisation performance.

While there are many books and plenty of information on the importance of creating a strategic plan in order to be successful, there are few out there who can accurately guide you on execution.

Our attempt is to not only to make available to you reliable and holistic usable information on execution but also provide you customised inputs on where you need to focus as an organisation to optimise execution.

What is holistic information on execution?

Areas that impact execution are within your reach and can be easily managed. Having the right alignment, clarity and optimisation on areas like ; goals, work environment, customer centricity, learning, capability, performance, accountability, operational risk, and more…will go a long way in building a culture of execution excellence across your organisation.

 Is this tool reliable?

The tool is inspired by the balance scorecard, making it consistent and suitable for organisations globally and across industries. A robust and holistic design, the tool works like the 360 degree assessment involving three levels in an organisation – Management evaluation (self), an aggregate of Managers and Subordinate evaluations.

Is this tool for us? 

Every organisation will have evolved practices, systems and built teams to execute that could be adequately working. But, you always want to do better! If yours is an evolving organisation then this tool will be very useful. The tool can be used to assess the organisation as a whole or a particular department/function.

 How will the report help us? 

The report is completely automated and customisable to your need. The report will give you critical inputs on 12 execution drivers;

+ Your assessment scores and your benchmark scores against the 12 drivers
+ Advice on the impact of the score on the overall execution performance of the organisation
+ Advice on the way forward plans to optimise opportunity areas

The tool is a self-assessment model with no confidential information required to complete the assessment. The assessment is time optimised and will take just 18 minutes, per person, to complete.

Assessment for Leaders and Managers

Leaders and Managers across the organisation are responsible for driving the strategy forward and championing the direction the organization is heading.  They need to be good executors. Apart from being good at technical skills and having the right attitude they need to excel at getting work done. We classify this must have skills as “Functional skills”.

What Functional skills are we talking about?

We have dug deep into our knowledge base and with the help of our team of researchers identified 20 skills that are critical in getting work done. We categorise functional skills as; customer centricity, goal orientation, negotiation, operational risk management, responsibilities & accountabilities, quality of work, process orientation, recruitment & staffing, planning & organising amongst others.

How useful are Functional skills to Leaders and Managers?

Functional skills are the most underestimated skill of Leaders and Managers. Apart from other skills required to be a good leader, functional skills benefits the most. Getting better at execution will impact organisation performance and accelerate career growth.

Moreover most of us may not know what it takes to be a good executor. Largely our education systems spend 95% of the time on the theory of strategy, while at best 5% is spent on execution. While in the real world, for the majority of people it is the exact opposite. 5%, maybe 10% is spent on strategy, while 95% is focused on executing strategy.

 How does the tool help?

This unique tool will assist organisations build a strong leadership pool. Apart from up-skilling, this tool will be useful in making informed decisions while selecting and promoting leaders across the organisation.

Here are some execution capability statistics: Only 8% of Leaders are good at both strategy and execution. Only 16% of top leaders were rated very effective at either strategy or execution, while 63% were rated neutral or worse on at least one dimension.

Is the tool reliable?

Each skill is assessed on situational judgement inventories and direct questioning techniques. The assessment has been tested and produces results that are consistent over a range of conditions and circumstances.

Some of our customers who have benefited from the assessment