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Strategy execution whitepaper- Integrated talent management

Strategy execution best practices: Integrated talent management

Talent is a key driver for an organisation’s success. This is more so true in the modern competitive and global world. Human resource contribution to an organisation is no longer restricted to mere hiring, developing and retaining best talent. There is now a realisation for organisations to manage talent as it is a critical resource in achieving best results.

Talent management may be defined as a process which ensures right people, in right number are available for an organisation for both current and future demands. This involves understanding an organisation’s goals and objectives, identifying gaps between current talent and future needs, assessment and development of the talent, filling up critical positions in a timely manner and so on.

The objective of the study therefore is to research, innovate and create a baseline for implementation of an Integrated Talent Management System.

For this, we make use of a competency based model which underlays a framework which is then used for integrating the above processes. Hogg (1993) defines competency as ‘Competencies are characteristics of a manager that lead to the demonstration of skills and abilities, which result in effective performance within an occupational area. Competency also embodies the capacity to transfer skills and abilities from one area to another.’

Download the document (.pdf) here:
Integrated talent management (176 downloads)

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