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Strategy execution white paper – An analysis of pivots made by startups


The paper focuses on various types of pivots carried by start-ups. It links various types of Pivots to a start-up maturity life cycle and tries to answer questions like which pivots are made during which stages of the life cycle, which pivot is made more frequently, what are the external and internal factors that leads to a successful pivot, what are the reasons or motivations behind carrying a pivot and also tries to link pivots to various quadrants of the Balance Score Card (BSC). It also lists some major observations in terms of pivoting in various phases of BSC quadrant and provides recommendations on what should be done to make a pivot a success.

Download the document here:
An analysis of pivots made by start-ups (61 downloads)

MCeE - Metis Center for Execution Excellence
MCeE is an initiative that stems from our vision “To create an ecosystem of agile, high performing and sustainable organizations”. Our mission is to be a catalyst for transformational innovations that would aid businesses optimise strategy implementation. MCeE offers researchers opportunity to work on key operational drivers, their correlation and impact on strategy implementation. We have a special focus on addressing unique strategy implementation challenges facing emerging markets like India.
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