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Strategy Execution white paper- Need for a strategy execution officer

Building a strategy execution officer to enable execution of strategic initiatives:

Strategy execution has always been the essential complement of strategy formulation. In an intensely competitive business environment and with the increasing speed of technology-enabled change, the importance of strategy implementation has increased exponentially. However, there is a significant gap between the strategy formulation and strategy execution. McKinsey research suggests that 70 percent of strategic change efforts fail to yield the desired results. There is clearly a gap between the plan outlined by leadership and the on-the-ground strategy execution by employees on the front-line.

In this project, we try to find out the reasons for the gap between strategy formation and strategy execution. This project also proposes a solution to bridge the gap. The solution is in the form of introducing a new role, A Strategy Execution Officer (SEO), in the organisational structure of the company, that helps enables execution at the activity level or it can be in the form of additional responsibility to an existing role in the organisation.

Download the document (.pdf) here :
Strategy Execution Officer - The Execution Enabler (102 downloads)

MCeE - Metis Center for Execution Excellence
MCeE is an initiative that stems from our vision “To create an ecosystem of agile, high performing and sustainable organizations”. Our mission is to be a catalyst for transformational innovations that would aid businesses optimise strategy implementation. MCeE offers researchers opportunity to work on key operational drivers, their correlation and impact on strategy implementation. We have a special focus on addressing unique strategy implementation challenges facing emerging markets like India.
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