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Strategy execution white paper – Competencies for strategy execution

Strategy execution competencies: Skills for strategy execution / Skills for goal execution

In the competitive & ever changing business environment of today, an organization’s ability to keep its workforce competent and aligned to the changing landscape makes all the difference. Optimal implementation a.k.a execution of an organization’s strategies in the least possible time and with uncompromising quality is a critical success factor.

Global surveys peg execution efficiency at most organizations at anywhere between 40% and 60%. And, ceterus paribus (political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors that are more or less common to competing entities) the more successful of organizations are found to surpass the execution heuristics.

And, optimal execution stems from the application of certain critical competencies by various entities in the organization. This whitepaper from the Metis Centre of Excellence attempts to uncover those very competencies for various roles that would enable organizations to execute optimally.

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Metis ERC (I) Pvt. Ltd. is a decade old boutique management consulting firm specialising in strategy implementation & execution. Metis provides new-age businesses with cutting edge tools and frameworks to enable just-in-time recommendations and solutions for optimal execution of goals and strategies.
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