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Strategy execution processes – Process Re-engineering

Strategy execution best practices / essentials: Process re-engineering


How are we poised to achieve desired Organizational Efficiencies that are important to us (cost reduction, quality standards, turn-around times, customer satisfaction etc.) with the current Business Processes?

Are we executing effectively to achieve Organizational Efficiencies for Transformational Outcomes?

This is a Typical Scenario:

Business Leaders with P&L responsibilities are constantly focused on the Key facets of Cost, Quality, Customer and Time. The Weekly/Monthly Reports or Dashboards of current, Target and Delta changes and RAG Statuses, and Graphical trends do cut across these facets. Leaders are involved in the day to day whirlwind of activities that encompass executing the progress of these metrics incrementally (typically 5 to 10%) in reference to the Set Targets of Cost Reduction, Quality Goals, TATs and Customer Satisfaction measures.

Picture this Radical Scenario:

Radical Thinking has at its core “focus on absolutely Dramatic and Significant Changes”. On applying this to the execution of Organizational Efficiencies it will result in a thought process to think big, envision big and execute big!

A thought process like this involves connecting the Business Leader’s Radical Vision, Mission and Goals to the existing Business Processes that aid in execution of the Business Objectives.

The Envisioned Changes could be radical and dramatic. Here are a few for the dramatization:

  1. Reducing Operational Costs by over 50%
  2. Improvement of Turnaround times by over 70%
  3. Increase in Defect free delivery by over 60%
  4. Improvement in Customer Satisfaction levels by over 80%

We are not talking about incremental changes here, which happen as a result of improvements and optimizations in existing Systems, Processes and Sub-process. You are looking at a complete “Business Process Re-engineering” Program mapped to the achievement of the radical Business Objectives leading to “Business transformation”.

To achieve radical changes like the dramatic list, it fundamentally needs:

  • A strong Leadership Intent and Direction, coupled with
  • Unflinching, Zero Doubt, 100% Alignment of Stakeholders across the Organization, towards
  • Adoption and 100% Compliant Practice of Re-Defined Business Processes across the Portfolio and Teams, along with
  • Application of radical game changing People Capabilities enabled by Performance Enabling Systems across Functions, and
  • Strategic, non-transactional, big picture inclined execution every day by each employee of the Organization.

One of the cornerstones of Metis is its expertise in the Design and Implementation of Business Processes with the sole focus of triggering Business Transformation. At the core of what we do lies the Metis Execution Engine “m” of Execution Drivers which shall be mapped to the Re-defined Business Processes for Holistic, Adaptable outcomes in Dynamic Business Climates. Do reach out to or call us at +91 80887 21921 so that we can give you a walkthrough of our implementation of Business Cases of Transformational Change.

Mahesh Sheshadri

Mahesh Sheshadri

Mahesh Sheshadri is an accomplished Business Leader and Strategist with over 15 years of Global Leadership experience from diverse Industry Functions (Strategy, Business Development, Information Technology, Human Resource, Operations, PMO), Domains (Avionic, Desktop Publishing, Automotive, Healthcare, Management Consulting, Digital Marketing, Advertising) and Cultures (US, Europe, APAC, MEA). Enriched with Education in Computer Science Engineering from RVCE, Bangalore and Executive Business Management Program from IIM Calcutta; and Certifications from the Dale Carnegie Institute, Carlton Advanced Management Institute and Software Engineering Institute. He is currently associated with Metis as a Strategic Advisor, Performance Coach and Execution Specialist. He was last associated with Langoor Digital, as the Head of People and Vice President – Program Management Office. His previous experience in Delivery & Leadership roles have been with Organizations like DRDO, Quark, Robert Bosch, Misys PLC. and Metis in the areas of Global Corporate Management, Strategic Execution, Marketing, Business Development, Software Development, Project Management, Quality Management, Resource Management, PMO, Talent Management and Operations. Mahesh Sheshadri has a proven track record of achieving significant improvements in Revenue, Profitability, Productivity, Quality, Agility, Innovation and Customer Success while driving sustained Growth, Operational excellence, continuous Learning culture, Employee Engagement and Customer experience. His specialties include Business Strategy Planning and Execution, Management by Metrics, Lean Analytics for Startups and Enterprises, Stage Gate Process Management (PRINCE2), Project/Portfolio Management (PMI, Agile), Quality Management (CMMi), Risk Management, Innovation & Knowledge Management, Employee Engagement Practices (Talent Acquisition, PMS, R&R, C&B, L&D, Branding, People Policies), Customer Engagement Practices, Digital Marketing, Coaching for High Performance, Mentoring, Leadership Development Facilitation, Competency Development (Assessment and Development Center).
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