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Strategy execution practices -The important first step

Strategy execution best practices: The first important step

Anyone who’s managed a child would know how easy (or not!) it is to get the child to do a chore you want her to. Be it the Gen X, Gen Y, millenials or even 5 year olds; impose your decision on them and most likely you have invited a thunder storm! Even if they grudgingly accept to do it, the quality of performing the task would leave you flabbergasted.

What then do the smart parents of today do? Don’t you explain to your kids why they need to do what they need to do? Isn’t it important for you to get your child to see the benefits of their actions for them to wilfully do something? And haven’t the results of such a wilful and passionate effort from your child always been remarkable?

If this were true for children, imagine how important it is for your educated, smart and highly capable team members in your organization. Imagine the incredible things they could accomplish if they were all passionately bought in to your plans!

So as a first step in your journey of achieving success:

  1. Make sure to involve your team in the important decisions you make.
  2. Make them a part of the strategic planning process.
  3. Factor in the ground realities your team suggests to make your plan even better! Foster a culture of idea sharing.

Not only will you end up with an even better plan, you will have a passionately willing team that will strive to translate your plans into the desired outcomes. After all wouldn’t you agree that unless your co-workers execute your strategy the way it’s supposed to be, the chances of achieving success are not very promising no matter how brilliant the plan itself is?

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  • How our War room, could facilitate the formation of a Holistic and Sustainable strategy roadmap along with your execution team.
  • How our disruptive philosophies and frameworks facilitate Strategically aligned execution driven by your execution team.
  • How Accountability and Execution Metrics can become an intrinsic part of your High Performance / Execution Culture.
Shweta Patel

Shweta Patel

Shweta has over 11 years of achievement driven experience in business development & marketing. With an MBA degree in marketing, Shweta has previously handled responsibilities of product management, corporate and international sales for Pharma, chemical and training industries.
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