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Strategy execution practices – Template for setting customer service standards

Strategy execution best practices:

Customers are indispensable success partners of our organization! “Love thy customers” is an adage that is a vital organizational tenet. Well, more so in this age of disruptive competition! Mike Gospe put it wonderfully when he said “Whoever understands the customer best, wins”. And of course, Kate Zabriskie couldn’t have said it better when she said “The customer’s perception is your reality.”

While we are sure that you would have your customers at the epicenter of all your organizational activities, several leaders we’ve interacted with opined that they’d love for an objective method of capturing customer service standards for their organizations. So, we went ahead and created one and are happy to share it with you!

Please download the document (.pdf) here:
Metis-Template-Capturing customer service standards (263 downloads)

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MCeE is an initiative that stems from our vision “To create an ecosystem of agile, high performing and sustainable organizations”. Our mission is to be a catalyst for transformational innovations that would aid businesses optimise strategy implementation. MCeE offers researchers opportunity to work on key operational drivers, their correlation and impact on strategy implementation. We have a special focus on addressing unique strategy implementation challenges facing emerging markets like India.
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