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Strategy execution white paper – Indian cultural context to execution

Strategy execution best practices: Execution in the Indian cultural context

At the outset, we would like to congratulate our interns of this year for doing an immaculate research on this topic.

We at Metis are always looking at adding value to all our engagements with our customers. We are excited to work along with the Metis Centre of Excellence (MCoE), which receives interns from institutions across India (IIMs, SIMB etc.) to define systems and processes that better organisational performance.

One of the areas of this year’s research was to figure out our core cultural traits as a country, and to build on the findings to improve upon the usually followed tenets of organizational management.

We are currently working on incorporating the findings to the process of performance management, which is central to the management of any organization. The process essentially works on two fundamental principles,

1)  Objective review and feedback

Even though this is being done fairly well as a process, many organisations lack objectivity and direct feedback. As the research white paper shows, a fair number of employees and managers prefer to sugar coat their feedback to avoid soiling relationships. This defeats the very purpose of having a process that demands direct and objective feedback and therefore does not yield the desired impact to organisations.

 2) Develop an improvement plan

A development plan should be precise and reviewed till completion. If there is no objectivity and direct feedback, the accuracy of the need identified for development is itself in question. This would firstly, may not benefit the person being put on the development plan and ultimately the organisation may not achieve the desired ROI.

But given that this is our cultural trait, which is not wrong, we should look at a system that works for us.

We are currently working on a process that enables performance. The thought is to move away from review performance which happens post an event occurs, to enabling performance that happens on the go.

Download the document (.pdf) here:
Strategy execution in the Indian cultural context (78 downloads)

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