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Strategy execution capability Assessment

Strategy execution capability assessment : Skills for goal execution / Skills for strategy execution

To be a successful company, it may not enough to have a great strategy, product or technology! Solid execution capabilities is the crucial factor that will keep you ahead of competition.

The m-Index is a tool that enables business leaders to analyse their organization’s execution capabilities. It is built to analyse essential practices around the four fundamental principles of business execution; the clarity in the what, the clarity in the Why, the clarity in the how and enabling performance.

  • CLARITY IN THE WHAT: Measures of business parameters
  • CLARITY IN THE WHY: Stakeholders buy-ins & alignment
  • CLARITY IN THE HOW: Execution capability requirements
  • Enabling performance: Enabling the objectives

The perspectives are then coerced into an all encompassing index that reflects an organization’s ability to get things done! In the form of a report, you will receive the top four opportunity and risk areas that need attention.

Many  CEOs & business leaders across industries and geographies have derived great value from the tool!

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Some organizations that have benefited from the m-Index.

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A few frequently asked questions about the m-Index

Is the m-Index applicable to a startup as much as it does to a slightly older and bigger organization?

Yes, we certainly believe so! The m-Index is but a collation of questions around the internal drivers that we have identified based on our experience as the most crucial for the success of an organization. Thus it is applicable to any organization that wants to succeed, irrespective of its size or age

What are these drivers and are they relevant across Industries?

The internal drivers have been compiled based on the several years of our accrued experience of handling consulting mandates for organizations across industries. They are a comprehensive set of thought metrics that revolve around all the important life cycle parameters (such as customers, revenues, profitability, learning etc.) that are applicable to any organization.

Is the m-Index applicable to my company at this stage?

The m-Index captures the leaderships’ thoughts on their organizational practices along the key internal drivers that are essential for organizational success. Thus, it is applicable to any organization from any industry and at any stage of their organizational life cycle

Among the various pressing issues I have, is it a priority for me to complete this immediately?

Well, the very genesis of the m-Index is a result of our observations at organizations across industries and organizational life cycles that the leadership has a very external focus owing to market dynamics, competition, funding etc. Thus, proactive internal focus takes the back seat. Furthermore, the internal focus is often only when the problems that have already surfaced.

 Does it require me to divulge any strategic information about my company?

 No! The m-Index contains questions that do not require you to divulge any strategic information.

How long will the m-Index assessment actually take for me to complete?

About 20 minutes.

Will I get a report at the end of the exercise and how do I use it?

Yes, a report shall be sent to you within 48 working hours after you have completed the assessment. The report shall contain your organization’s execution quotient, a score along the key internal drivers as well as the key business outcome improvements possible within your organization. This could be perused to focus on the opportunity areas to improve the success likelihood of achieving your strategic intent for your organization.

 How useful is the m-Index to me? Does it add value to my business?

With the m-Index, you can identify potential opportunity and risk areas and improve the success likelihood of the organization in achieving the strategic intent by focusing critically on what is needed for the execution of the strategy.

Proactive is better than being reactive!! The m-Index allows you to take a 360 degree look at key business drivers along your business life cycle. 

Thus, the m-Index allows you to proactively look within and categorizes what is important to be focused on in your organization to mitigate risks and improve success rates of realizing your business strategy.

Will my report be kept confidential?

Absolutely! Our 4+ decades of existence as a business is a testament of our high ethical and moral practices. We could also sign a Non-Disclosure-Agreement if needed!

Is the m-Index a marketing campaign by Metis?

Metis is driven by its vision to “Create an eco-system of high performing, sustainable and agile organization” and the m-Index is a result of this vision of Metis.  While, we would be extremely happy to engage with you in addressing the key opportunity and risk areas in your business, the purpose of the m-Index is to help you identify these areas for your business. How you want to handle them once they have been identified is left to you and there is absolutely no binding whatsoever!

I began taking the assessment. But some of the questions appear as they are not applicable to my organization.

The questions have been designed based on our experience of having worked with organizations across industries and life cycles and revolve around the most crucial internal business drivers that are key to the success of any organization. Thus, it is applicable to any organization that wants to achieve high performance, sustainable growth and agility, irrespective of its size or age.

Can I finish the assessment over a couple of days?

It is highly recommended that the assessment is completed in one sitting for the best results. All it takes is about 20 minutes!

Do I need to prepare myself before taking the m-Index?

Not at all! All it needs is your honest opinion about the way things are in your organization.

Do I need to complete this assessment along with my team?

This assessment is meant for key stakeholders only. We believe the person driving the organization will view this candidly.

What if we are one or more stakeholders in our organization? Is it necessary for all of the leadership to take up this assessment?

It is certainly not necessary, however if taken separately it would provide you great insights about the cohesiveness of thoughts among your leadership team.

Is it required for me to be in office to take up the m-Index?

No. A calm coffee shop will be a great place! You could take it from anywhere you can be peaceful and find it convenient to focus on your organization for about 20 minutes. It can also be attempted from your mobile / tablets.

Are there any hidden costs to this?

No, there are no hidden costs to this. What you see is what you get!

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MCeE is an initiative that stems from our vision “To create an ecosystem of agile, high performing and sustainable organizations”. Our mission is to be a catalyst for transformational innovations that would aid businesses optimise strategy implementation. MCeE offers researchers opportunity to work on key operational drivers, their correlation and impact on strategy implementation. We have a special focus on addressing unique strategy implementation challenges facing emerging markets like India.
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