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Leadership responsibility #2 – Contextual capability building

The process of contextual capability involves functional analysis of operational requirements. Capabilities are identified based on the tasks required to be performed to achieve a goal or a strategy. Once the required capability inventory is defined, the most cost effective and efficient option to assess and build capability is sought.

Context matters. Even though capability required to perform a particular task may seem similar in a given Industry, It can be starkly different. It could vary depending on the organisations location, culture, values, vendors, customers, market and so on…

Our effort is to assist you in identifying contextual capabilities essential for strategy execution. The behavioural and technical capabilities required, we believe, have direct correlation to the functional capability required to complete the job on hand.

We have presented it as a checklist to make sure you address all aspects of contextual capability building.

Please download the document (,pdf) here: 
Leadership responsibility #2 - Contextual capability building (317 downloads)


Rajesh Athihalli

Rajesh Athihalli

A post graduate in management, Rajesh has over two decades of expertise in the field of strategic advisory. His interventions have helped many organizations across industries and sizes, gain clarity on their mission, vision, goals and go-forward strategies. He is renowned for his objective advice stemming from the specialist skills he brings to the table that is always focused on creation of value, maximization of growth and improving business outcomes. As a successful entrepreneur himself who has founded and built several organizations, Rajesh brings to each engagement the invaluable perspective of an entrepreneur and the applicability of each functional best practice in terms of the positive impact it has over business.
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