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Driving operational excellence

Organization: A multinational and the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment providing a broad range of integrated services, including facilities, transaction and project management; property management; investment management; appraisal and valuation; property leasing; strategic consulting; property sales; mortgage services and development services.

Engagement purpose: To increase customer satisfaction rating (CSAT) for continued business from their key customer (A global IT leader) by improving their ‘Operational efficiencies to achieve excellence”.

Method : Blend of one-on-one coaching, workshops, group discussions and learning programs.

Start point of the engagement : CSAT rating was 3.2 on 5

Key components of our engagement: The approach was to engage the ‘leadership’ team first and all the layers of the entire organisation through an “Organisation development effort” (OD). Once the concurrence was reached, Metis did a quick dipstick survey on specific dimensions of ‘service quality’ across vendors, employees at all levels, and, most importantly the customer. The findings revealed a great deal of information to optimise and focus the thrust areas for OD.

> Arrived at metric driven time bound objectives to represent the success state

> Established “alignment”, evinced “buy-ins” and arrived at strategies with the leadership team &     other key stakeholders to achieve the desired state

> Powered the team to identify the (a) context and (b) context specific capabilities of each  individual to realize the plan

Accomplishment: Customer satisfaction survey showed two important results: (a) The satisfaction levels increased significantly and (b) the level of customer participation in the survey also increased significantly. Both these results are a clear indication of the fact that the ‘journey to-wards operational excellence had taken roots’ in the entire organisation.

CSAT rating was 4.5 on 5 – Second in ranking among peers across the world.

Our collaborative endeavour is continuing to achieve higher levels of excellence. It is important to note that the collaborative success came due a (a) ‘committed involvement’ of the leadership team’ (b) sustaining the OD intervention over a period of three years (b) Sharing the pain points and customer feedback openly and working out solutions (c) Implementing the strategies worked out across the layers of the organisation. We heartily acknowledge the rewarding experience for Metis.


Rajesh Athihalli

Rajesh Athihalli

A post graduate in management, Rajesh has over two decades of expertise in the field of strategic advisory. His interventions have helped many organizations across industries and sizes, gain clarity on their mission, vision, goals and go-forward strategies. He is renowned for his objective advice stemming from the specialist skills he brings to the table that is always focused on creation of value, maximization of growth and improving business outcomes. As a successful entrepreneur himself who has founded and built several organizations, Rajesh brings to each engagement the invaluable perspective of an entrepreneur and the applicability of each functional best practice in terms of the positive impact it has over business.
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