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Driving expectation understanding

Organization: A US based adventure gaming organization, designs and produces award-winning products with 30 million+ worldwide subscribers.

Engagement purpose: To convey, decipher and act in accordance to “shared expectations” of the management stakeholders at the India Office of the US headquartered gaming organization to achieve the organizational goals.

Method: Individualised Value Proposition (IVP) method for “cultural orientation” through coaching, workshops and learning programs

Key components of our engagement: Evinced the “expectations” of key management stakeholders from the US headquarters as well as the Indian HO.

> Unearthed the underlying cultural belief systems and perspectives of various stakeholders       on the “expectations”.
> Formulated methods to unambiguously “communicate expectations”.
> Sensitized stakeholders from both cultures on their own as well as the others’ underlying         cultural traits in the specific context of their everyday work. This opened up the thought          paradigm for stakeholders on what to expect as well as what was expected of them.
> Subsequently, arrived at a “common understanding” of the “organizational objectives” and       the way forward plan.

Accomplishment: Soft outcomes – Cohesive working environment resulted in enhanced productivity. They got timely work done resulting in more projects.

Rajesh Athihalli

Rajesh Athihalli

A post graduate in management, Rajesh has over two decades of expertise in the field of strategic advisory. His interventions have helped many organizations across industries and sizes, gain clarity on their mission, vision, goals and go-forward strategies. He is renowned for his objective advice stemming from the specialist skills he brings to the table that is always focused on creation of value, maximization of growth and improving business outcomes. As a successful entrepreneur himself who has founded and built several organizations, Rajesh brings to each engagement the invaluable perspective of an entrepreneur and the applicability of each functional best practice in terms of the positive impact it has over business.
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