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Strategy Execution white paper- Need for a strategy execution officer

We try to find out the reasons for the gap between strategy formation and strategy execution. This project also proposes a solution to bridge the gap. The solution is in the form of introducing a new role, A Strategy Execution Officer (SEO), in the organisational structure of the company, that helps enables execution at the activity level or it can be in the form of additional responsibility to an existing role in the organisation.

Strategy execution whitepaper- Integrated talent management

Talent is a key driver for an organisation’s success. This is more so true in the modern competitive and global world. Human resource contribution to an organisation is no longer restricted to mere hiring, developing and retaining best talent. There is now a realisation for organisations to manage talent as it is a critical resource in achieving best results………………..

Strategy execution white paper – Competencies mapping across roles for optimal strategy execution

Strategy execution competencies: Skills for strategy execution / Skills for goal execution In the competitive & ever changing business environment of today, an organization’s ability to keep its workforce competent and aligned to the changing landscape makes all the difference. Optimal implementation a.k.a execution of an organization’s strategies in the.

Strategy execution white paper – An analysis of pivots made by startups

The paper focuses on various types of pivots carried by start-ups. It links various types of Pivots to a start-up maturity life cycle and tries to answer questions like which pivots are made during which stages of the life cycle, which pivot is made more frequently, what are the external and internal factors that leads to a successful pivot, what are the reasons or motivations behind carrying a pivot and also tries to link pivots to various quadrants of the Balance Score Card (BSC). It also lists some major observations in terms of pivoting in various phases of BSC quadrant and provides recommendations on what should be done to make a pivot a success.