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Interview Questionnaire – Execution skills for leaders

The right questions can help you identify execution skills for leaders. Though it is not exhaustive, the interview questions and rating scale given below will reveal a candidate’s leadership skills to get things done. Hope it is useful to you. Application of the tool to your business: We have deliberately provided.

Strategy execution practices – Template for setting customer service standards

Strategy execution best practices: Customers are indispensable success partners of our organization! “Love thy customers” is an adage that is a vital organizational tenet. Well, more so in this age of disruptive competition! Mike Gospe put it wonderfully when he said “Whoever understands the customer best, wins”. And of course,.

Leadership responsibility #2 – Contextual capability building

The process of contextual capability involves functional analysis of operational requirements. Capabilities are identified based on the tasks required to be performed to achieve a goal or a strategy. Once the required capability inventory is defined, the most cost effective and efficient option to assess and build capability is sought..

20 essential leadership skills for execution

Downloadable template – As a part of the Metis centre of execution excellence (MCeE) research, we have shortlist 20 key abilities / skills required for leaders to optimally execute strategies. For the purpose of research we focused on functional skills essential for strategy execution. The behavioural and technical skills required, we.