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At Metis, we understand the biggest challenge faced by organizational leaders; to grow their business quickly as well as achieve the desired profit margins while functioning in the most optimal way!

We have set out to address this challenge and have built expertise to excel at organisational strategy planning and strategy execution. In sum, we help organizations translate their potential into the desired business results through the use of our disruptive tools, techniques and frameworks.

Our customers find holistic clarity on their strategic intent and direction for their organization as also a buy-in from their strategy implementers, through our focused interaction with the entire leadership team.

Interfacing with the strategy implementers to align each entity of the organization to its strategic goals is also our proven expertise.

To enable optimal strategy execution of the organizational goals, our team of experts excel at capturing the required and current capabilities for the same. Our cutting edge strategy execution framework and just-in-time performance coaching allows the team to overcome any roadblocks they may encounter in their pursuit of achieving their goals.

Our disruptive approach not only serves to tightly integrate strategy with everyday execution but also enables just-in-time performance coaching, on-the-go performance reviews, improved inter departmental handshakes, derivation of specific goal focused learning requirements, optimal change management, intraprenuership, optimization of leadership’s time among others.

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“The prize for closing the strategy to execution gap is huge — an increase in performance of anywhere from 60% to 100% for most companies.”

Recent successes

Our 3 year long partnership on “Operational Excellence” has enabled our client to be rated as the second highest globally in customer satisfaction among their peers!

Enabled the achievement of 170% increase in revenues for a leading technology company by bringing about clarity in goals and go forward strategy and through a collaborative implementation of the identified strategies.